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Tasmanian Devil Hugh Dawkins by Sansomon
Tasmanian Devil Hugh Dawkins
Hugh Dawkins was born with an uncommon metahuman ability, to transform into a therianthropic Tasmanian devil. His family had a tough time accepting him for who he was, an openly gay, mutant-born shape-shifter. It wasn't until Hugh's differences saved his father's life that he would find approval in his family's eyes.

A joking retelling of his origin implies that he was the son of a were-devil that belonged to a sect of Tasmanian devil-worshippers who, in exchange for the sale of his soul to a tasmanian devil, was granted a magical tasmanian devil amulet as he was injected with radioactive Tasmanian devil musk that was freely given by a race of alien Tasmanian devils.

The defender of his homeland, Dawkins worked alone until recruited into the Global Guardians, then later, the Justice League International, then another version of the Global Guardians. Tasmanian Devil encountered Hush, who was at the time posing as Bruce Wayne. He did not realize that it was Hush. Recently, Tasmanian Devil was brutally killed by Prometheus (who started to hunt down members of Global Guardians, successfully killing Gloss and Sandstorm) and then turned into a rug.

Tasmanian Devil was subsequently resurrected by Malavar when his remains were placed in a Lazarus Pit. The newly resurrected Tasmanian Devil has a new fur coat since he was skinned by Prometheus. The team made up of Congorilla, Mikaal Thomas, Animal Man, Rex, the Wonder Dog, and Malavar held the fringe group of so called Freedom Fighter gorillas at bay while the Lazarus Pit was resurrecting Tasmanian Devil. He is currently in a relationship with Mikaal Thomas , the Justice League's current Starman. The Tasmanian Devil is a reserve Justice League now that he has been resurrected, and was seen during the battle with Eclipso. It is unknown what his status is of the Global Guardians.


Tasmanian Devil has the power to transmute by concentrating his human body into a giant beast like a giant therianthrope Were-Tasmanian Devil. In this form his physical strength Increase The meta-human proportions and he is Able to raise or pressed more than 97 tonnes, it Also Becomes semi-invulnerable and withstand most of the more powerful attacks based on power, psyche and strength but not magic . Their claws and fangs are capable of inflicting damage even in the meta-humans Superman, Captain Marvel, Black Adam and Martian Manhunter. Also he has an awesome power That Rarely use called "Cry of Evil" which is a terrifying scream Can shatter the soul of the victim. Despite Being an openly gay Taz has nothing in his character stating he That Is Being Gay That he is not a "Homosexual Stereotyped" (behavior "effeminate") and even very masculine and manly attitudes.
Stronghold by Sansomon
Once, submission of art, based on the super-group of extradimensional heroes, equivalent of the Avengers, of DC Comics super-group of heroes of Earth-8 "The Assemblers". This time, bring the giant crusher of Worlds of The Assemblers the giant super-powerful radiation generated "Stronghold" the equivalent of the Incredible Hulk equally powerful.
Wandjina by Sansomon

Well this time I would like to start with you a number of art commissions based on super-group “The Assemblers”. Does not know? Well guess not because it is a super little-known group of readers. It all started in the 70s when the first crossover between Marvel and DC Comics were in mode and seen stories like Superman vs Spider-Man, Batman vs Hulk and X-Men and New Titans. There was then a project to do a mega-crossover written and drawn by George Perez with a titanic battle between the Avengers and the Justice League but due to differences Inter companies between Marvel and DC Comics was eventually shelved. However Marvel decided to take the expectation of fans to see a clash between its larger team and a super-group of beings like the Justice League and created the group of villains known as “Squadron Sinister” that were nothing more than versions of the Universe Marvel's super-group of DC Justice League of America with equivalent versions of Superman (Hyperion), Martian Manhunter (Skymax), Batman (Nighthawk), Green Lantern (Doctor Spectrum), Firestorm (Nuke), Zatanna (Arcanna) Wonder Woman (Power Princess), Flash (Whizzer), Hawkman (Blue Eagle), Aquaman (Amphibian), Black Canary (Lady Lark) ,Green Arrow (Golden Archer) and a character Dwarf super genius scientific called “Tom Thumb” that is the only one who does not have an equivalent defined in the Justice League.…

This team faced the Avengers and (of course) took a beating. Later Marvel would reuse the idea of this team “group villains” became a super-team of heroes from another Earth of the Marvel Multiverse (Earth-712) and renamed “Squadron Supreme” and that recently they were characters main miniseries “Supreme Power” later renamed “Squadron Supreme” and characters such as the Hyperion the “Superman clone” gained more prominence in the Marvel Universe stories mainly in the super-group of heroes mutants dimensional travelers The Exiles and more recently in the saga “Infinity” where Hyperion became a member of the Avengers and representative of the heroes of Earth in his team since the Avengers to defeat Thanos who was in charge of aliens constructors of universes called “Builders” to face such a threat had to gather all the help multiverse ...

But back to history the DC Comics (of course) not cheap left the “pinprick sarcastic”  of Marvel with “Squadron Sinister / Supreme” and returned in kind. She created a superhero group were “lookalikes / pastiches copies / tributes” of The Avengers called “The Assemblers” (something like “Montadores” in Portuguese) that was an obvious tirade of fun over the war cry of the Avengers in English (you should also know “Avengers Assemble !!!” which in Portuguese was “Vingadores Avante !!!”).

Had Assemblers for all tastes and sizes. There was a version of Thor is a God of Thunder (and BALD !!!) called Wandjina, a version of the Scarlet Witch (called Feiticeira de Prata or Silver Sorceress ), a version of Mercúrio  / Quicksilver (Jack B.Quick), “Arrowstar” one Native American Indian version of Hawkeye, Phantasm (a version of the android Vision), Stronghold (a version of the Hulk), Victory (one african-american black version of Captain America), Bluejay (equivalent of Wasp), Lark (your wife with power to become giant as is “Goliath / Giant-Man”), Ironsmith (a version of Iron Man) and Beastly (a version of Beast).

This group faced the Justice League of America integrated by Superman, Martian Manhunter, Wonder Woman, Flash, Atom, Firestorm, Red Tornado, Batman, Aquaman, Green Lantern, Zatanna, Hawkman, Elongated Man / Ralph Dibny, Green Arrow, Black Canary and guess what? They also took a beating. The difference is that this story never came to be published in Brazil like the history of the Avengers with the Squadron Supreme . However the end of this alternative superhero team of one of the Earths of the Multiverse DC was far less "worthy" than the Marvel Squadron Supreme.

To begin after the end of the Crisis on Infinite Earths "Earth" of Assemblers no longer a parallel version of Earth-1 and became a insignificant world of DC Universe called "Angor" that had nothing to do with the Earth even existed in the same star system and was "super populated" of "Heroes and Villains" with versions of all superheroes and super villains and groups of superheroes and super villains of Marvel Comics. Alias WHAT ELSE HAD in Angor were heroes and villains based on Marvel characters so much that its inhabitants considered them an “urban plague” and just pretended they did not see them as they fought their struggles “for the good of humanity of Angor”. But the situation changed when emerged in Angor equivalent of Doctor Doom (“Lord Havoc”), Magneto (“Doctor Diehard”), Nightmare (“Dreamslayer”), Doctor Octopus (“Gorgon”), Sabretooth (“Tracer”) these villains called “The Extremists” were truly dangerous and did not hesitate to KILL your enemies something Angor villains had never come to the end of.

They dominated Arsenal atomic of superpowers of Angor and when the heroes of Assemblers tried to stop them they USED arsenal this causing a Nuclear Holocaust and killing billions of lives. Only a few heroes Assemblers remained alive but painfully discovered that no longer just a “joke” and become something deadly serious. Deeply affected by the test surviving heroes began to travel to worlds where nuclear arsenals were plentiful and destroy them by force and terrorism are necessary to “save” other worlds of the tragic fate of Angor.

Wandjina, Bluejay and Silver Sorceress came to Earth and began their anti-arms crossed by Bialya of at the time of the Justice League International. Manipulated by treacherous dictator of the country Ruman Arjavit they were induced to attack the (then) Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) who had a huge nuclear arsenal. During Wandjina raid turned out to sacrifice his life to prevent the melting of a Nuclear Atomic Usine would cost millions of lives (even if a "God of Thunder" it WAS NOT THOR worth remembering then there were limits to his “divine invulnerability”).

Silver Sorceress and Bluejay would be declared prisoners by the Russian government put eventually escape because they had made a pact with Wandjina that if only one of them was left fighting they follow. However the Silver Sorceress was tired of seeing their friends die and she teleported back to Angor wishing good luck to Bluejay escaped and after a while fleeing being pursued by agents of the Russian government sought asylum in the Embassy of Russia's Justice League International.

Meanwhile to the horror of Silver Sorceress she found that The Extremists the super-group of villains who destroyed the world of Angor had survived the nuclear holocaust and thanks to her found on Earth come to our world in order to conquer it. Mastering Arsenal Atomic of Earth but this time avoiding triggers it and keeping the entire Earth as a hostage so that none of the superheroes of the DC Universe Earth could interfere they gave the governments of our world an ultimatum that either were undergoing or they perish.

However thanks to the Justice League International Silver Sorceress and Bluejay were released and side of Captain Atom traced to a plan that allowed ban Earth The Extremists to the Phantom Zone where they would be imprisoned forever. Bluejay and Silver Sorceress became members of the Justice League International where value but members were “Dreamslayer” escaped from the Phantom Zone by Dimension of Nightmares and took possession of Maxwell Lord's mind the coordinator entrepreneur Justice League International and started a revenge plan that would free the extremists to fight again against the Justice League International and lead the Silver Sorceress to sacrifice after being shot with a shot by Maxwell Lord mentally controlled by Dreamslayer attracts he to the inside of his dying mind and catch a mystic duel with him taking him along with her to death after she passed away.

Meanwhile JLI defeated the The Extremists again and this time the imprisoned in the Source Wall after Mister Miracle open a boom tube . But there was nothing to celebrate Embassy of Justice League International  was destroyed, Maxwell Lord incriminated as a “killer” and the Silver Sorceress had given his life for his friends. Bluejay alone realized that the legacy of his world would die with him and left the JLI. The last time he was seen was against the villain Despero in which he helped the Justice League to fight the villain and when the dimensional portals generator of Omega Man opened a portal to the Hyper-time he jumped on it in hopes of finding the new DC multiverse a world that could call “his”.

It pains me to remember this because I really liked of The Assemblers and thought they could have yielded to DC stories of fighting with the Justice League as legendary as the confrontation of the Squadron  Supreme with the Avengers if DC had not chosen to follow the way “not know what to do with so such a character so let's kill him.”  THAT'S GREAT WASTE OF CHARACTERS AND ALSO GREAT STORIES. That's why I decided to begin a series of art commissions based on “The Assemblers” starting with Wandjina. I do not tolerate nor admit that a character that was based on Thor is a God and that has survived without a burn on the hair to an atomic explosion has died from radiation poisoning to prevent nuclear meltdown of a nuclear usine in Russia.

This would not have made Thor sweat then at least in MY Wandjina version would remain alive. And more Angor would be the “Earth-8” of the new DC Multiverse. According to the guide of the Multiverse DC this Earth would be inhabited by “equivalent” of the DC Universe of “super-heroes and super villains of Marvel Universe” with some of their super-groups and superheroes seconds Grant Morrison equivalent of the Fantastic Four called “Future Family” X-Men of the race of “Neo-Humans” called “Geno-Men” Spider-Man (“The Bug”), Doctor Strange (“Professor Mystery”), “Lupo” (Wolverine) “Revenger” (Punisher) etc then how anyone still visited for me from now on she is the new Earth of Assemblers that after the DC Universe Reboot NEVER DIED WAY TO CRUEL AND BRUTAL and still has its world although they are now much more proactive in the fight against The Extremists The same threats such which the current Avengers Marvel Comics.

Taurus of New Olympia by Sansomon
Taurus of New Olympia
Taurus the Captain of the Guard and Security Chief of the Secret Island of New Olympia episode "The New Olympians" series of Gargoyles Disney
Jon Talbain by Sansomon
Jon Talbain

Jon Talbain, known as Gallon in Japan, first appeared in Capcom's Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors, also known as Vampire: The Night Warriors in Japan. He has appeared in every game with the exception of Vampire Savior 2, from which he was omitted along with Rikuo and Sasquatch. He is notable in Darkstalkers 3 for having to face the unique character called Dark Talbain, a sinister version of himself.


Outside of the Darkstalkers series, Jon has made cameos in Pocket Fighter and Capcom Fighting Evolution. He appeared in the American Darkstalkers television series, and has made several appearances in UDON's Darkstalkers series of comic books, in which he had his own standalone side story, "Talbain's Bane."


Background Edit

Jon was born to a human mother and werewolf father. His mother died shortly after giving birth to him, and Jon had no contact with his father. Although he was alone, he had lived a peaceful life as a human. Then, one full-moon night, the beast within him awoke and he turned into a werewolf. The transformation caused him to be shunned from human society. Though shocked by discovering he was a Darkstalker, Talbain harbored no animosity towards his parents, whom had never been a part of his life. Talbain cursed his fate, but was determined not to let the his primal instincts consume him. Following his inner voice, he devoted himself to fighting and pushing himself past his limits, believing that if he retained his inner humanity, he might regain his physical humanity as well.


After Pyron was defeated, Talbain's curse was lifted and regained his human form. Despite this, the adults of society still rejected him, and he found acceptance only amongst children. Although he sustained his human form for many years, he often felt that the beast still dwelled within him. One day, he heard a voice in the back of his mind and he turned into a werewolf once again. It was then that Talbain discovered it would be impossible for him to be rid of his curse.


During the battles in Majigen, Talbain came face to face with his internal darkness in the form of an evil version of himself, Dark Talbain. After defeating his malevolent doppelganger, Jon was finally able to accept his "curse" and resolved to live his life as a wolf. Regardless of this, he retained his humanity, and showed great compassion for children, even caring for two orphans (as seen in his Darkstalkers 3 ending).


In issue three of the UDON comics series, Jon meets Felicia during his travels, and the two debate as to whether or not humans will ever be able to accept the existence of Darkstalkers, with Jon arguing that it was an impossibility. Felicia rebutted that humans not liking them was just a "bumps in the road," and that one day humans and Darkstalkers would live in harmony. Felicia then convinced Talbain to join her so that she could prove to him that humans were not all bad, and together they traveled to the orphanage where she grew up.


Jon Talbain (Gallon in Japan) is a character from Darkstalkers. He is an English werewolf.


The Kreutz family is one of the seven noble families of Makai. Though its title is a noble, it would be more suitable to call it an army of warriors and fighters. The current master Xell stands at a height of 5 meters and is a war dragon. He has the most unusual appearance out of all the noble classes. And those who are of his family also have appearances that are far from a human form. But there is no vulgarity and roughness within the family. Unlike the savage forms, they are all first class fighters who are highly trained. They are an organized group who follow orders under strict discipline. They are very loyal to their master. Failing to complete an order or betrayal is paid off with death. Though their numbers are few, they possess powerful one hit attacks and are feared as the "bullet of Makai."


Baraba Kreutz, titled as the "Wolf Lord", is the leader of the royal guardsmen of the Kreutz family. His eyes were the eyes of those who survived countless life-or-death situations. 20 years ago, he had wandered into the human world. But he had forgotten most his memories of his time in the human world. Though he vaguely remembers about the woman who cared for him when he was injured in the human world. When he came back to Makai, he played an active role as a fighter of the Kreutz family. Demitri had even said, "He is my best rival in my life." Demitri felt a certain kind of beauty in Baraba's fighting. A kind not found in the lower darkstalkers. But roughly ten years after he returned to Makai, he suddenly disappeared. Master Xell had searched for him for many years, but he could not be found. Some say that he had returned to the human world to reunite with the woman again. But no one knows the truth of the events.


Jon's mother died shortly after giving birth to him, and there was no way to look for his father. When he found out he was a darkstalker, he felt no anger towards his parents. To him, his parents were just conceptual parents. He was alone since he could remember. He maintained his human self by cursing his fate. His heart was not strong enough to accept everything and to move as his heart desires. Following his inner voice, he devoted himself to fighting to take himself past his limits. This was part of his pride as a human to fight against his other half.


After the events with Pyron, he had lifted his curse and regained his human form. But this was a temporary illusion that he caused. It was impossible to cleanse his own blood. His will couldn't change the future. During the battles in Majigen, he came face to face with his dark self within. The fate that was pulled by his battles. To flee from his curse, he keeps taking himself past his own limits. Though there may be irreversible consequences, he had no choice but to keep going forward. His fate afterwards is unknown. In Darkstalkers 3, his ending shows that he takes care of two children but it isn't known if this happened after his ending or if the children are waiting for him to return from the Majigen. Depending on what game or comic you are looking at, he is depicted as being vicious or calm. He is the most revered Darkstalker in America, but he does not have any appearances outside the series like Felicia, Morrigan, and Lilith  (aside from small non-playable cameos).…


It is possible that Jon Talbain was also inspired by real-life martial artist Bruce Lee. The resemblence can be seen through his use of nunchuku, his taunts and poses, his "flying kick", and possibly even the way he howls during attacks. Talbain's human form is also lean and relatively slight, comparable to that of Bruce Lee. Furthermore, he dresses in a traditional Chinese Kung Fu outfit and fights shirtless, although this is perhaps attributable to martial artist stereotypes in general.

A character from BlazBlue: Continuum Shift, Valkenhayn R. Hellsing, is a nod to Talbain; he can transform into a werewolf as well as perform a dash attack similar to Talbain. Valkenhayn even recieves an alternate color referencing Talbain.

Jon Talbain is one of the most popular Darkstalkers characters, especially among Americans, so many fans want him to appear in Marvel vs. Capcom 3. This desire for him to appear in the game is shared by MvC3 director Ryota Niitsuma.

In Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Jon Talbain appears as a DLC costume for Amaterasu.

Jon Talbain is often ship-teased with Felicia, as shown in the UDON comic and the OAV.


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